Kenya, The Puzzling Jigsaw

In 1963, during which Kenya was lowering the Union Jack for the last time in this country and we raised the red, black and green both physically and figuratively, we were richer than South Korea economically and competing with the likes of Malaysia. South Korea was grappling with severe poverty and in 1962 the government decided to introduce the Economical Development Plan of 1962 of whose fruits they are witnessing today. So dire the situation that Kenya actually donated loan and relief aid to South Korea in 1963. Imagine that? When president Obama’s father left for studies in America, Kenya was actually richer than South Korea. Kenya on the other hand was in the midst of clamoring for self rule which she achieved a year later. We had an energetic workforce ready to build her country in the hopes that we would milk and drink the spoils of having one of our own as our ruler. We had a bountiful of resources that would galvanize any nations to an economic powerhouse status. We were on a white canvas ready to be made beautiful. I would have loved to live in that time. The possibilities must have been endless.

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