#LOKe: Author Interview

What’s the story behind your latest book?

My debut novel, ‘Lords Over Kenia’ is a fictional book on an alternate history to the African colonisation tale. It features all of my favourites: war, politics, love, old garbs and queer characters.

But what I love most about it is the little bits of real history embedded in the story.

I wanted to tell a fictional story whose truths formed a strong and solid backbone. And in so doing tell an alternate story with equally important significance.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?


Without a doubt the editing. Horrors.

Why did you choose the subject or genre of your book?


1. Epic books don’t just have one hero or one evil guy, there’s a myriad of blurred heroes and anti-heroes and inbetweeners. There’s so many POV. The ancient times, rituals and ceremonies. There is just a whole bunch of recipes and ingredients that cook a story which are often simple.

2. Pour in the above pot the rich African, especially Kenyan cultures, and the potential for a blockbuster novel is overwhelming. 

3. Spice it up with my like for historical events and figure heads, and you end up with Lords Over Kenia.

4. Serve while hot.

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#LOKe: Lords Over Kenia

It’s official!

I flapped my scrawny arms for just enough gust to move all of a quarter of an inch from the ground! I grabbed Nicole Beharie, looked her square and convinced her we’d make cute cuddly babies to her delight! I brought Jon Snow back and cried out shame! shame! shame! to that blithering betraying boy! I had a stare down with Bayan Hundred Eyes and won! I strong armed Lance! And I finally figured out why I’m still single!

Even though I wish I did half of those things (sigh Nicole!), I did do something just as special: I took a leap into the unknown!

Ladies and gentlemen… Lads and Lasses…

I’m very excited to announce that this May, yours truly, is releasing a book! Yes! My debut book, ‘LORDS OVER KENIA: The Prophesy of the Moon Chief‘.


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