#LOKe: Walking The Pole

What makes a film, show or book an epic? Is it the cool costumes or crude weapons? The archaic languages or ancient kingdoms? The primitive eras or primeval locations? The mega wars or miniature conflicts? Hosts of battle ships or hordes of armies beyond the horizon? Flying limbs off sorry bodies or fluttering creatures? The great men who make the story come alive or the grand villains we love hate to hate?

It kinda is the whole lot isn’t it?

I get curious glances when I mention Lords Over Kenia falls under the unfamiliar epic genre – apparently people assume I’d write about love or politics. Puh! But even so, you will agree that as stone hard as the genre is, very few epic films and books disregard love altogether in their plot, even fewer have zero political bearing.

Take for example my all time favourite film Troy.

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