War On Nice

The world is in uproar, has been for a while. There seems to be a discord in various societies around the world about the same thing; good men. “Where are all the ‘good’ men?” “The ‘real’ men?” “Why cant I find a man who knows what it means to be a man?” I would have loved to tell you that I have found the answer and it is somewhere on this article, but there is no simple solution to this problem. No one sentence that will solve this pandemic. I agree that good men are in short supply. Aggravating this fact is the on going of the war against the ‘nice guy’.

Now now, I see you rolling your eyes and thinking this is one of ‘those’ articles, but before you close this tab let me tell you what this post isn’t about;

1. This is not an attempt to tell women who to date or marry.

2. This is not a boohoo article to make you feel sorry for anyone.

3. This is not a whinny piece about being friend-zoned or any other zone kids come up with these days.

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#FriendlyFridays; The Hidden Dangers of False Hope in Dating

Suzie A.; Dating Can Be Fun & I’ll Show You How!

Suzie the Single Dating Diva

false-hope-datingFalse hope in dating. We’ve all been there. We want something so bad that we hold on to every little inch of whatever we’re given, hoping to give it more meaning than is there. False hope is almost always built around fantasies and wishful thinking. Why do we hold on to false hope in dating when we could be out there finding something better? I’ve asked myself the same question over and over again because goodness knows I’ve certainly “been there, done that” until I boarded the reality train and then I never looked back (well maybe just a peek). I know I’m not alone in this, I get countless emails from readers who are looking to analyze a dating relationship to death. They are desperate to mine whatever small piece of gold they can in their bucket of waste. Harmless, right? Unrequited love is romantic, right? WRONG!! It’s dangerous!! That…

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