War On Nice

The world is in uproar, has been for a while. There seems to be a discord in various societies around the world about the same thing; good men. “Where are all the ‘good’ men?” “The ‘real’ men?” “Why cant I find a man who knows what it means to be a man?” I would have loved to tell you that I have found the answer and it is somewhere on this article, but there is no simple solution to this problem. No one sentence that will solve this pandemic. I agree that good men are in short supply. Aggravating this fact is the on going of the war against the ‘nice guy’.

Now now, I see you rolling your eyes and thinking this is one of ‘those’ articles, but before you close this tab let me tell you what this post isn’t about;

1. This is not an attempt to tell women who to date or marry.

2. This is not a boohoo article to make you feel sorry for anyone.

3. This is not a whinny piece about being friend-zoned or any other zone kids come up with these days.

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April’s Guests; Spotlight

On top of my sixteen years of existence on this Earth, I was at the lowest point of my life. Someone from my past reached out to me. He unlocked the door to my hell. Slowly but steady, I saw darker and darker. Life didn’t matter anymore. Death took place. Colors faded. I have never been that deep into a negative feeling since my third year of middle-school when I fought against someone who has openly mocked me. It was ridiculous. Both times.

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