About Me


I’m on a mission to be great. To make a mark in my world and yours. A leader, a mentor, a friend, father, husband, author, autoawesome; these things will be used to describe me. And it starts now…

Facts About Me;

  • My real name is not Sykes, My parents are awesome, not that awesome!
  • I am overwhelmingly melancholic with mild phlegmatic tendencies. An introvert by nature and Scorpio by birth.
  • I’m a 20-something professional in IT. I’ve taught for three years and currently moving towards authorship.
  • I love the peace and quiet of living outside Nairobi. I will definitely end up somewhere out there!
  • I started out as a poet in my early teens, graduated to song writing during my late teens (I was actually a rapper at some point.. tihihihi ) and now trying my hand at writing, hence the blog.
  • Most people don’t know or wont understand this, but the main reason I started this blog is to write for future generations.
  • Not married, currently not dating and have no kids yet. I have been single for a while out of choice.But it may be time to change all three..
  • My love for reggae is immense. Lovers-rock is its best sub-genre. You will rarely find me listening to anything else. Social consciousness and criticism, equal rights and justice, love, spiritual uplifting, political maturity; thats what reggae is all about. This is also where my geekiness checks in.
  • I have political and conventional leadership ambitions.
  • Martin Luther King, Thomas Mboya, J.M Kariuki, Julius Nyerere,  Barrack Obama, Kwame Nkrumah, Joseph (From the bible), Jose Mujica are some of the people who have inspired me for different reasons.

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23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello! If you are still up for doing a guest-post-for-guest post by April 1, I’ve come up with a couple things that might be fun for you write for my blog.

    1. My blog is a bookish blog primarily, so what are your feelings on books? Have they affected your life in any way? Is there any particular way books and/or writing in general plays a significant or interesting role in your teaching? Anything bookish!
    2. As an American, what would you want me to know about living in Nairobi?
    3. Of the people you listed who have inspired you, how have they? I’m especially interested in your thoughts on Joseph.

    Thank so much! I’m planning to begin work on a post for you in the next few days. 🙂

  2. Hey Skyes! I really like what I’ve read from your blog so far, and I especially like your tagline and about page. I totally understand what you mean about writing for future generations! It’s a great idea and I’m really happy to have come across your blog 🙂

    • Heeeey Sherina!

      Such lovely comments! Glad you like what you are reading and I love the tagline as well. Also appreciate you acknowledging what writing for the future means. It also carries some personal connotation which hopefully I will share soon.

      Thanks for passing through and commenting!

      PS; You have a unique name, I like it!

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