#LOKe: Lords Over Kenia

It’s official!

I flapped my scrawny arms for just enough gust to move all of a quarter of an inch from the ground! I grabbed Nicole Beharie, looked her square and convinced her we’d make cute cuddly babies to her delight! I brought Jon Snow back and cried out shame! shame! shame! to that blithering betraying boy! I had a stare down with Bayan Hundred Eyes and won! I strong armed Lance! And I finally figured out why I’m still single!

Even though I wish I did half of those things (sigh Nicole!), I did do something just as special: I took a leap into the unknown!

Ladies and gentlemen… Lads and Lasses…

I’m very excited to announce that this May, yours truly, is releasing a book! Yes! My debut book, ‘LORDS OVER KENIA: The Prophesy of the Moon Chief‘.


An early 18th century epic fiction with a sprinkle of fantasy, the book is based on the intrigues and intricacies of three fictionalised kingdoms: The Lwos of the West, The Drymen of the South and the Highlanders of the North borrowed heavily from Kenya’s rich cultural and historical past. Not as boring as that sounded, it’s actually pretty good!

It will primarily be an e-book available for around 7 💵 worldwide. (I’m still figuring out the mechanisms for those locally not comfortable or familiar with online payment services). For those who would want the hard copy with extra features like maps, dramatised pictures and a fantastic glossary it will be available on paperback for a little extra, the price will vary depending on site regulations and shipping. The book will be available for pre-order from 13th May and it will be sent directly to you when it hits the 20th of June, the officially launch date. The paperback will of course take longer from the day of order.

What’s that? You’d REALLY love to help? Sure! Here’s what you can do.. Place your order, spread the word, download the cover, make it your cover picture, create a buzz, get the book, read it, recite it, enjoy it, LOVE IT and give honest reviews whenever you can!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to unavoidable circumstances, the release date has been pushed to 20th of June. Apologies for inconveniences. However you can still pre-order as from 13th of May. I will keep y’all posted as they become available on various online stores.

You can now pre-order your copy of Lords Over Kenia: The Prophecy of the Moon Chief on The National Book Store, iBooks, Kobo Books, Smashwords Store and Barnes&Noble.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Tips? Advice? Have projects? —> wasongav@gmail.com

Later people!



9 thoughts on “#LOKe: Lords Over Kenia

  1. tabasamusite says:

    Wow!!!! Totally excited & happy for you. Will definitely buy it & looking forward to read your writing 😉

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