Thank You Guests!

The first edition of April’s Guest was a mighty success! I did not envision the amount of interest I received from fellow writers and bloggers all over the world.

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A big thank you to all who curved out time to put down your thoughts and open up yourself to the world through my blog! I am extremely grateful. Let’s keep writing!

In terms of numbers, April was the most successful Month on the blog, it broke October’s record as the most viewed month and also broke the record for the most visited as well. The biggest views and visits came from North America and Kenya of course, with views also from across the globe.

But the chance to interact with more writers was the main aim which I aptly achieved. And so take a bow (or curtsey) Njeri Wa Muhia, Anahy Simon, Svetlana Boy, Enock Munga Maseru, NerdyWordyBirdy and Nyawira Wa Gathoni! Asanteni sana good people, let’s do this again soon!


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