#FriendlyFridays; 15 FUNNY FACTS about people who wear glasses.


If you wear glasses, we have something in common. Lets laugh it off.


A housefly comes and sits on your glasses. And instead of shooing that pesky little thing, you end up observing it that close. Blame the rarity of such an occasion.


You feel silly when you step in the shower with them still on.


You wish for glasses with wipers, especially in monsoons.


In a trial room, you forget to take them off while trying a nice dress and they get stuck, in the dress. I hate this one.


You feel stupid when you try to adjust them even when you are not wearing them.


Specs are basically meant to correct your vision so that you can see clearly, but when you step out of your air conditioned car or breathe out in your hot teacup you are almost blinded by…

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