#FriendlyFridays; Karibu ulaya (Welcome abroad) – the ‘painful’ first steps

The 'village' diary

IMG-20150328-WA0007pic 2

It all begins that evening when your immigration agent calls you to pass on the good news..you have been granted a visa. You revel in the moment..you have been waiting with bated breaths for I don’t know how long. Preparations for the big trip begin in earnest and many people around you are genuinely happy for you. Some sigh with relief..maybe because their son or daughter can now concentrate in school in your absence.

The long awaited departure day comes and you are escorted by the whole clan to the airport. Your mother throws in a few words of advice, probably to warn you that wherever you are going “isn’t her’s”(probably quoting Duale). It is your first time in the ‘big bird’ (aeroplane) and you are super excited. You will be the first in your village to ‘climb’ the bird…that’s an honor. Anyway, you say goodbyes, board and are surprised to…

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