#FriendlyFridays: Getting Into Hot Water

Debbie Nugent; I know of no situation other than backpacking where it is socially acceptable to announce to someone you’ve only just met that you’re experiencing a bout of diarrhoea. “Is this this seat taken? No, great. I’m Lars, from Stockholm, I’ve been travelling for 9 months, never paid more than $3 for a room and my stools have been runny for a week now. What about you?” Read More

-The good, bad and down right embarrassing travelling tales!

moving swiftly on

My trip to Lake Magadi in the Rift Valley, was an eye-opening one.  Having only been in Kenya a few weeks into my six month stay, the journey out there was my first encounter with the Massai tribe.  The road from Nairobi was basically just one huge pot-hole and we narrowly avoided taking out a number of Massai passers-by who, justifiably, looked totally bemused as we swerved in their general direction simply to avoid getting a puncture.

With no known Massais actually hurt during the course of the trip, we made it to the lake where we had to sign in and be assigned a local guide.  During the dry season, the lake is almost totally covered by soda and is bright pink in colour, complimented nicely by the thousands of flamingos that hang out there – well, they do whenever Attenborough is in town but I was treated to only a few hundred…

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7 thoughts on “#FriendlyFridays: Getting Into Hot Water

  1. Binti Zimmerman says:

    This was funny, I lliterally laughed out loud at the “pop-up maasai market.” And she even had a picture!

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