Kenya Attacked Again

Another attack. More lives lost. Breaking news. Media coverage. Outrage. Twitter revolution. Expert analysis. Sharp and strong rhetoric from government. Promises made. Nothing. Nothing happens. Kenyans develop an amnesia that only words like miraculous and spectacular can describe. We go back to our ‘middle class’ hustles.


There is such a pit in my stomach and my blood is boiling. The Interior Ministry now calls the ending of the siege as successful. SUCCESSFUL!!? Now I’m just angry. It took a whole day and 147 young Kenyans later for armed forces to ‘successfully’ end the most horrific day since the 98 bombings of the US embassy right at the heart of the capital. And judging by how our government blatantly lied to us during September 2013’s Westgate attack, I don’t trust that it’s only 147 people or that all the attackers have been killed. Neither will I believe the promises that ‘we are one’ being belted out on Twitter for the better part of the day or that ‘we will deal firmly with terrorism’ as government will retort.

We all know that we are the villains of our own narratives. It’s not the presence of our forces in Somalia that caused all this, although I believe it added salt to the injury. Even so you cannot simply invade another country with porous borders and weak intelligence. It is not that these useless excuses of human beings, these scums of the earth have better equipment or tactical ingenuity. We paraded our military might not too long ago. We are not cursed nor do we lack the capacity. It is the drive and initiative that are elusive.

The root cause, in my opinion, can be traced back to three things; Ethnic bigotry, corruption and poor elective choices. Tell me of a problem we are experiencing right now as a country and I will show you that at the base of the family tree of our trials is either one or all of the above factors.  Kenya has everything it needs to be a great nation but until we change those three things, we will never be united. We will never have equality and we will definitely never achieve greatness.

Rest In Peace to the Garissa attack victims and pole to the families.


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