April’s Guests

I have been toying with the idea of having bloggers and independent writers guest write here and after careful considerations and several meetings with myself, I have decided that after I finish my Blogging 101 Course in March and before the tribute month in May, I will invite pieces from willing (And some forced.. haha) writers to post here throughout April.


Granted I may not have great a following or massive views but I think it is an opportunity for fellow bloggers, friends and family to share this journey with me, to take part in telling a story that will impact future generations. This all ties in with the purpose of my blog, it helps me to tell a story. Plus it would be nice to have color to the blog, not just plain old Sykes, bleh. So take the chance, connect on a different level and see what happens. Life is too short not to post on my blog!

Unfortunately I have to have some form of regulation. So please read through and if your still with me at the end, let me know you are interested! Lets connect!!



*Your post must be on one of three topics:

1. Memorable moments of the past, childhood, high school etc. Something that shaped who you are.
2. Present circumstances; Where are you? What drives you? Who do you live for?
3. Future prospects; What do you hope to achieve? What kind of person are you going to be?

*Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print (This includes your own blog).

*I would ideally prefer to have the piece from you before the 1st of April so I can choose which sequence to post.

*I will share a link to your blog/Facebook page /twitter handle at the end of the post.

*I may not proofread through your post so please make sure it is well edited and punctuated. However I might step in to edit under extenuating circumstances. Please also note that I have the right to edit your work, however, any adjustment will be forwarded to you for approval.


If the rules haven’t scared you away yet and you are still interested in guest posting please comment below or email me at kingssykes@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!!


23 thoughts on “April’s Guests

  1. I’m interested! When do you need the post by? Also, would you be interested in doing a guest-post-for-guest-post thing? I enjoy your blog and I’d love to have your voice on mine!

      • Cool! Im excited! April 1st is perfect, and let’s say the same date for you to get a post to me if that’s okay. And actually, this is the first I’ve thought of having or doing a guest post, so can i get back to you with more info in ghe next couple days? That will give me time to think about what I want and explore your blog more to hopefully give you a prompt that will fit us both!

    • This link is fine. You wouldn’t mind if I re-blogged this before April? I wanted April to just be guest posts, I don’t even think I will write anything myself. Is that ok?
      btw, I cover my head when I sleep..

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