What Did You Just Say To Me?

In the past, before you and I existed, before global warming was a thing, way before the brilliant emergence of beliebers and directioners, way before things started being hit by fans, way, way back when Njoki Chege used get asked out, certain events would happen and it would be an opportunity to learn from them. These events, whether good or bad were believed to occur so that it may teach certain virtues and vices of men and women. Those who lived to see such events coined phrases so that these virtues may be replicated by their children, and their children’s children and the vices discarded and never repeated again. These phrases and saying would last longer than the men who coined them. They would cut through, generation after generation, one region to another, a person to another, teaching and being wise counsel to the young. Those who headed the counsel were considered wise and were often successful, those who did not were often left to regret.

“One who causes others misfortune also teaches them wisdom”. “Patience can cook a stone”. “Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand”. “A goat is never pronounced innocent if the judge is a leopard”. “Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter” are some of my favorite African sayings. Some of them even make you wonder what the hell happened for someone to think that up, right? But mostly they inspire and bring out some thought-provoking wisdom.

Fast forward to 2015 and people say the darndest things, and it’s not just kids. Wisdom flew right out the window and it didn’t even break a glass. Suppose you are in the darkest of hours. Your world is crumbling right in front of you and you have no hope in life. You wonder why you’re even trying. And then you remember that there is a friend who always manages to make you look at your situations differently. He talks to you and you immediately feel like you can conquer the world again. You head over to his place and find him ready for you. He stares at you sympathetically, feeling your pain, then, he gathers all the wisdom he can muster and in a moment of utter inspiration tells you, “Yolo, my friend, Yolo”. Will this not inspire you to wake up in the morning to face another day? Will this not give you the strength to fight your fears and realize that you have things going for you? No man, No. Its. Just. Not. Normal. Ned Stark’s head didn’t get chopped for this!

It’s never that serious

I’m guessing it is short for “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody makes it out alive”. Whoever coined this one should be jailed for two consecutive life sentences with no option of parole. This facility should be in some deserted island and the one and only entry should have a moat.

As one of the most ridiculous statements of our generation, this statement irks me sideways not the least because I am a melancholic+introvert and to us, everything is always that serious. But even if you aren’t a melancholic, this phrase should still be worrisome to you. I understand the need not to take thing so seriously all the time, but life is no joke. We have very little time here to make our mark. Can you do that when it’s all a joke to you?

Cool beans

What!? What.Does.This.Even.MEAN!? Is it even a sentence? The first time someone said this to me I honestly thought they were making fun of my head or something. Add the fact that I absolutely hate beans and this is just not the phrase to say to me.

Anyone Want to explain?



I’m just going to assume that you’re in your pre teens if I hear you say this.


Loser – Noun. A person who has fallen off the social ladder, climbed down the social ladder, jumped off the social ladder, or just never bothered to climb the social ladder in the first place. Upon arrival on the ground, losers begin to befriend fellow groundlings and realize how much fun a person can have when gravity isn’t an issue. It is perfectly acceptable to insult losers, because they have nowhere to fall to and it won’t hurt much. They will end up laughing about it later, anyways. Every now and then, a loser will glance at the top of the social ladder, but it is never long before they realize how pointless and stupid the top of the ladder is. – Urban Dictionary.

It is what it is

Wow genius, whoever said it wasn’t? Never say this around someone with serious depression issues or someone going through a rough patch. Most people say this when they get too lazy to fix a situation they are in.

Could we please leave something wise for future generations to remember us by?


14 thoughts on “What Did You Just Say To Me?

    • I have been guilty of using it as well until i read somewhere that we just use it as an excuse not to rectify a situation.

      Thanks for the comment and the follow! I appreciate!

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