The following takes place between 0600 hrs and 2200 hrs..

0635 hrs – My alarm goes off and am grabbing at everything. I finally locate it, with my eyes closed, and press any button. Then I remember which day it is and I curse whoever put the alarm. Then more realization. I broke my phone about a month ago and the gadget am left using doesn’t want to know whether its Wednesday or Friday.

“It is either I wake you up at 6:35am everyday, or I don’t. You choose!”

Sure, sure you win. Wake me up everyday then.

0800 hrs – I can’t go back to sleep now, can I? I am thinking of my friends. They are probably at work. Yeah right, they are probably stuck in traffic, (Ngong road right now? Yikes) formulating a scintillating story for their boss on why they are late.

Then the sunlight waltzes in my room and I start to wonder if I am being lazy. But I walked for more than ten kilometers yesterday and I am wondering if I am being lazy? I deserve you, you lovely blanket you! I justify.

0946 hrs – Ok ok! Am getting out of bed! My coffee is nearly over, rationing is inevitable. As I prepare the what will be tasteless coffee, I realize there is a pile of dishes in the sink. I didn’t even have guests last night and it looks like I had a party. Sigh. I need a …..

1030 hrs – Am through with Facebook breakfast. You know, when your taking breakfast and replying to messages and liking every one of those pictures with CS Lewis sayings, sneering at those real men do this and that’ or dying when I ignore those ‘You will die if you ignore’ updates. Kermit. And now I have successfully added to the pile.

But this is some good time to reflect. I didn’t like the way that English teacher said that I should upgrade my phone. I am reminded every singe day at 6:35 AM!! Plus I just think something else was up with her. And that guy who refused to give me a ride to the road! Could have saved me like 5 kilometers of walking. People!

It also gives me a moment to plan for the day.

1200 hrs – My house is in a mess! I said house didn’t I? My man-room is in a mess. I found a receipt of some shopping I did sometime back. It had a name; Served by Joan Juma. Joan. Oh yeah! I met a Joan! And she gave me her number an a piece of paper (I wasn’t going to remove that dreadful gadget of a phone now was I?) after I helped her with her shopping. Not the same Joan, but I met them on the same day. Huh. I said I’d call. She had something in her eye. She really wanted that call.

The end result was the room in a mess and still not finding Joan’s number. Ah, oh well. She looked a little too blonde anyways.

1210 hrs – You expected me to have made my man-room in ten minutes? You joke. Because now I realize at which angle I should have placed my bed so that I can reach the radio, my only comfort here. Which subsequently will make me rearrange everything!

1230 hrs – My bed is in the kitchen!!

1300 hrs – Its time for lunch. I have to run to the shop outside. He knows what I want already. I give him 36 Shillings and he hands me my lunch. I love eggs, just saying.

I get back and prepare me some Facebook lunch.

1400 hrs – There is a semblance of order in the house now. I did that again. Intentionally. I am through with the cleaning and the house is sparkling. I clean up nice if I do say so myself. I go outside to bask. Kiserian is at the foot of the Ngong Hills and my place is on another hill overlooking the same town. I can see both and the view is always fantastic, well, except for when its foggy which is like every morning! Can’t wait to have people over next week. My thoughts wonder until a neighbor opens her door. I am in-between checking her out and being nonchalant, and then a little girl follows her. I should have found Joan’s number.

1600 hrs – The sun was out today, meaning warm shower!!

After, I try to do something useful. Write a little, read a little. Did you know the index case (first case) for the Ebola Virus was a headmaster of a school, Mabalo Lokela. Lokela had toured an area near the border with the Central African Republic, along the Ebola River, with a small group from the Yambuku mission from August 12–22, 1976. On August 26, Lokela fell ill and was initially diagnosed with a relapse of malaria. By September 5, Lokela was in a critical condition with profuse bleeding from all orifices and on September 8 he died.

Totally wouldn’t have searched that on wikipedia a year ago.

1700 hrs – I remember I promised myself I would do laundry! aah! And the evening cold breeze has already started settling in. There is always tomorrow. Plus Wikipedia has so many links, I somehow ended up reading on the assassination of JFK.

2000 hrs – Man must eat!

2200 hrs – Reflecting on a good restful day, I realize I haven’t talked to anyone today! I am such an introvert!

I have to say though, today was a good day!


12 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Anjana says:

    It sure sounds like a good day! 😀
    I love your style of writing. Have I said that before? I dont remember. Either way I do. 🙂 and find Joan’s number! 😀

    • Hi Anjana!! Yes you have, but I never tire of hearing it!! You always have such kind words! Thaaanks! hahaha! I will keep looking for that number! Thanks again!

  2. jakes evance says:

    I wonder what was happening between 2000hrs and 2200hrs…or was the eating a bash for yourself??? …..and yea we don’t need to find joan’s number, maybe you should find joan!! nice piece bro helped me relieve my writing days!!

  3. Martha Sunda says:

    Mimi sisemi utafute namba ya Joan….I suggest that the right Joan finds her way to the party this weekend….I wonder what name she knows you by! #runs and hidesunderthetable

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