Writing 101 Challenge #14; Come Back!

Dear Leadership,

Its been a while since you visited. Come to think of it I don’t think I would even recognize you if I saw you. We miss your charisma. We miss your values. We miss the way you used to use intelligence as your tool. The scenery never changes here. Like a dog in the second row of a dog-sledge, the scenery never changes.

Can I tell you a secret? Since you left we have become like fishes, flowing with the stream. Dead. Whomever you left in charge decided unity was a myth. They decided that hope should be folktale told in the dead of the night to scare away children. They decided that some voices should not be heard. Listen my friend, I am telling you in confidence. There is a tale of a secret chamber where these voices are taken and they never come out. There is talk of a man, whom if you see at your doorstep he will be the last person you see.

Since you went to `places unknown, we celebrate mediocrity. We celebrate when we toil for our rights. Peace and justice were brothers once. But one has become king and the other a slave.

When are you coming back, my friend? Have you found green pastures? We have found pasture as well. Intolerance covers our pasture. Envy and malice. Corruption and greed.

Come back and cleanse us. Come back before we lose all hope. We shall welcome you with open arms and we will not let anyone chase you away again.

We await your return.

Yours Sincerely,

Your people.


12 thoughts on “Writing 101 Challenge #14; Come Back!

  1. whisper2scream says:

    This work conveys both power and desperation in equal and alternate helpings. Your phrasing and sentence fluency are both rich and really move the piece along. I was surprised that the letter writer addressed leadership as “my friend”.

    • Yeah, I was trying to write as an ordinary citizen because I feel they are the only true friends of good leadership. They would benefit most out of good leadership.

      Thanks! I appreciate!

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