Writing 101 Challenge #11; Gotham City

I was Batman when I was 12. I would tie a piece of clothe round my neck and swoop in to mercilessly purge the Rogues Gallery termites from destroying Gotham City our fence. I swear you could hear the termites laughing just like Joker. I would use anything to stop them. From water to knives to just simply blowing them away with my blow-bad-termites-into-oblivion super power.

I was very good at protecting my city.


Unfortunately, my family didn’t buy into my secret identity. I was that good. By the time I was done with my ‘purge’ the house would have better of with the termites. Everything from our fence to the walls to the veranda was either wet or broken or missing! And the living room was also a mess from when the evil Joker-laughing termites were in hiding, trying to escape. And even when I was in school I would think of new ways to capture the villains.

I lived there since I was born, more accurately my parents moved there about three years before I was born. In fact, up until last year I had never lived anywhere else. I knew every corner. I could walk to the kitchen and prepare breakfast and clean after with my eyes closed. And when it came to hiding places or some alone time, I could make it to the roof in under 5 seconds and watch from above, like Batman, as everyone went about their business. I would spend hours up there, watching people and their queer behaviors. I guess that is where I started ‘reading’ people. Sometimes we would be playing football in the small lawn outside. And sometimes when my bat instincts kicked in, you would find me on the rose-tree we had in the compound. It wasn’t big but neither was I.

Back then we used to stay in one cramped room. All five of us kids. But because of my nocturnal enuresis, I had a separate bed from the rest. The others were bunk beds, we used to call them double-decker beds, one made of wood and another made of metal and mesh. Made my batman patrols more interesting! We were not anywhere near well off and since our living room was deemed too large, it was partitioned to accommodate my mother’s bedroom. The kitchen and bathrooms were in a separate part of the compound, and everyone who visited loved our small lawn. Our fence was made of wood planks that stood about three meters tall and there was a spot when I used to climb I would be able to see every part of the house from.

I can proudly say that every part of my childhood is connected to this place and I am privileged to still be able to visit and reminisce.

Cue R Kelly’s Gotham City.


22 thoughts on “Writing 101 Challenge #11; Gotham City

  1. Joy says:

    So that’s what you were always doing by yourself running around like a headless chicken,lol. Double decker beds, memories ,memories……….

  2. whisper2scream says:

    First of all, I agree with all of the previous comments. The perspective is refreshing. You’ve successfully captured your childhood self and sold him to the reader with the appeal that children have naturally rather than a sanitized adult version of who you were. The piece is stronger in the beginning, but then slips a bit out of focus. I don’t think you should give up on describing your home through Batman’s eyes, it’s just tricky to juggle both evenly without compromising one. I can certainly see YOU more than your HOUSE. Of course, it’s a first draft and so that’s completely acceptable (and fixable). Thanks for sharing this.

    • I want to write with all honesty. I want to say my story as it was/is.

      And yes! In the middle I did struggle to juggle both perspectives into a cohesive piece and in the end I had to compromise on one, batman. Good eye there!

      Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate!

  3. I liked this a lot – the Batman identity made the piece for me! I think you met the challenge, lots of description and variety of sentence length. Just one English grammar comment: Batman and Joker should have been capitalized throughout since those are proper names…

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