Writing 101 Challenge #3; Lovers Rock

People who aren’t in love with music, whats that about?

If music isn’t your focal point for existence, then you aren’t living! Or your existence is just mundane. H2 O without the O. How you survive is beyond me. You must have been dropped as a baby!

Music is powerful. It speaks to our souls, sometimes even controls it. And its not just listening, its accepting this beautiful and wonderful exterior force to teach and entertain you. To make you. Music can get you out of bed in the morning (for us grumpy kind), make you dance embarrassingly to a random crowd or move muscles you still don’t know their names. It can take you to imaginary worlds, explore the future or take a peek at the past. The “what ifs?” are never too far, neither are the “Darn! Hadn’t seen it that way!”.

Its a universal language where everyone is welcome! That is why just three songs dont do justice to what is significant. Let me have a go though.

Three songs that are significant to me?

1. I’m Still Waiting – Apple Gabriel

Have you heard the baseline on this track? Mad. Too wicked. Talks of a man on the cusp of finding love, only that the damsel in mind is keeping the man waiting. The man warns though, “But I don’t want to wait in vain”. What surprises me about the kind of genre I listen to (Lovers Rock, Reggae) is that it is sung by middle aged men and women who have all the experience of love and life. Both their pain and happiness sound real. Like they have been there before.

Apple Gabriel comes from a group called Israel Vibration who, all three, overcame polio to become one of the biggest groups in reggae to date with over 20 albums.

This song has the indisputable crown of sending me to skies above, knowing love exist even for us who doubt or can equally send me plummeting in waves of emotions of why love isn’t here with me now. Sigh.

2. Your Name and Number – Natty King

Been having a hard time getting a hold of this one.

Its a simple story.

Boy meets girl. Boy likes what he sees. Boy asks for girls number. Girls gives boy number. Do people even talk like this? Anyway, Boy tries number. Gets voice-mail. EVERY DARN TIME. Natty King even goes further to suggest that this situation is so embarrassing he has to lie to his friends that he just met up with girl. And she is looking fine!

Have you been I this situation before? Me neither.

There is beauty in tragedy.

3. Tangled Up – Lutan Fyah

oh! this song! Doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, doesn’t matter where I am, doesn’t matter what mood I am in. Gets to me every time I hear it. Granted the song is a little on the naughty side, which is unusual in this genre, but it speaks to the heart nonetheless. The song is about a man who recalls what it is like for his lover to be around when they are not, insisting that he wants to be “wrapped up and tangled up”, holding her in his arms.

This song is always on my phone. When I need to kick up a storm in mind.

Thanks for reading! Give me shout about what you think!


17 thoughts on “Writing 101 Challenge #3; Lovers Rock

  1. I was dropped on my head as a baby, but I still love music. It touches my soul too. You write with such freedom and honesty. Your humor and joy comes through. Thanks!

    • You were? And you still love music? How worse did the others get it then not to love music!? hahaha.. Thanks for passing through and for the kind words Dawn! Much appreciated!

  2. Ruth Matinde says:

    hiyo am still waiting lakini, haileti (I hope iam allowed to comment in kiswahili) kwanza hiyo baseline joh, sauti ya huyo mse ndo sasa imearibu na BGV je? wololo wololo wololo. toa hiyo.

    • LoL! Umeamua kuongea swa ndio unianike!? First, skiza kwa tenje iko fiti, tupa hiyo palito. Baseline kako salama. Second, elewa Jamaica 1999 ilikuwa msoto. Sina excuse ya BGV!! Skiza message, MESSAGE, song iko juuest!

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