Writing 101 Challenge #1; Twenty Minutes Of Madness

I have already used 10 minutes of the designated time to oh, try to come up with something interesting. Nothing. I may not be as interesting as I thought I was!

This is bad!

This is really bad!

Ok. Ok. Keep your pants on Sykes.. Let’s see here.

It’s sunny outside. I havent woken up to blue skies in this part of the world for over a month now. But its sunny and the birds are chirping. Almost like they are dancing to a beat. They sound like the are giving directions for the day. Directions that only they understand. And as they flutter away, I wonder, What has this day for me? What about me? Blue skies, chirping birds. Is my day directed already? Set in stone? Shall I fly away too? Perhaps not. I will have twenty minutes of madness for sure!

Stick a Fork in this. I’m done!


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