In response to a blog post I read yesterday #IfIWereABoy,I accepted a challenge that was proposed by the author. So I put this little piece together. It has nothing to do with my journey (although it may just show how opinionated I am!),  so don’t read too much into it. I would like to point out though that my personal opinion is that men and women are different. Mind blowing revelation right? From physical attributes to emotional to thought processes. It would be hugely unwise in my opinion to stoke fires by taking advantage these differences. Blaming and moaning and complaining of things we have no control over. Instead, we should find a way to accept ourselves because I feel we tend to point out deficiencies in the other gender while ignoring/suppressing our own. We should use this knowledge on our differences to complement each other.

But that’s just me! That being said I have a challenge to uphold! So let’s get to it!

#IfIWereAGirl I would want men to know how hard it is to be a woman. But I wouldn’t be rubbing it in all kinds of ways, because I’d respect the fact that men don’t have it any easier. No one does.

#IfIWereAGirl I would ignore guys who would have been good for me and go out with jerks. Finally at the end declaring all men are the same when the jerk turns out to be a jerk.

#IfIWereAGirl I would get jealous of everything and everyone just to show my bf how much I trust him. Because that totally makes sense.

#IfIWereAGirl I would shout equal rights without wanting the responsibilities that come with it.

#IfIWereAGirl I would wear near non existent clothes and get irritated when men ogle at me. Why do they ogle? Something I said?

#IfIWereAGirl I’d find it silly how men can be so obsessed with sports, cars and wome…. Look at that handbag store! I have to get me one! Or whatever I’d be obsessed with.

#IfIWereAGirl I would expect men to know what I want, how I want it and how I feel, all the time. After all, they are telepathic.

#IfIWereAGirl I would take the hurt caused by one man and turn it into disdain for all men.

#IfIWereAGirl I would want men to understand me but wouldn’t care much if they are misunderstood or not.

#IfIWereAGirl I would understand that superficial objectification cuts both ways.

#IfIWereAGirl I would ask questions I really don’t want answers to, and expect a happy ending to the conversation.

Truth is, #IfIWereAGirl I wouldn’t want to be a man.


Because I would be too preoccupied in being a girl, and trying to make it, like a girl, to notice that someone else ‘has it better’.

But I am thankful that #IAmABoy!


PS; I live in a glass house.


11 thoughts on “#IfIWereAGirl

  1. Anjana says:

    I am definitely throwing stones! 😀
    Just Kidding. 🙂
    Well-written though. Your opinions are, well, interesting. 😀

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