Can’t Take Her Eyes Off Me..

In early 2008, the year I started college, and in dire need to be socially acceptable and not to be alone all day everyday, I found myself a dear friend from the nearby neighborhood of whom we struck up a great friendship. Even until now. Since he is a supporting cast to this story I shall not bother with parody names.

I always take long to get out of the house. Not because my nose needs powdering or my penciled eyebrows looks more like a machete than an upside down ‘panga’, but because I have to mentally and spiritually prepare myself to meet people. Whether I interact with them or not isn’t the problem, I am now in the hands of the outside world where I no longer have control. If you are new to my blog, then let me introduce myself; Hi, my name is Sykes and I am a melancholic.


That day was no different. I found myself at my new found friend’s place in under 15 minutes after probably an hour (or two) of ‘getting ready’. And as I knocked on the door I got this tingling feeling I was being watched. You know when you can tell if someone at the back of a bus is looking at you? Or when someone is reading messages on your phone with you in a matatu? Me neither. LoL! Its normally just coincidence to be honest. Anyway, I look back and the full extent of my ‘tingle’ is revealed.

I must admit she was pretty. Dark skinned and short. Apartment entrances of that particular building faced each other and I caught her staring at me through the glass door. I didn’t know whether to be scared or flattered. I was soon inclined to the latter as she smiled then quickly drew the door curtain.

She was clearly into me.

This quickly became our rendezvous. It was as if she had a ‘tingle’ that I was about to visit my friend because I would more often than not see her at the door either as I entered or when I left. And even before we had mentioned a word to each other, we graduated from smile to wave. She was clearly into me. I thought several times to buy her something; plastic bracelet, bag of sweets. But I wasn’t sure that was enough to break the glass ice. I never got to find out anyways.

One day, as was now custom, I went to my friend’s place knowing we would definitely see each other. But on that particular day I found the glass door to her place open. My chance, I thought. And true to my thoughts, she came out, looked at me for about three seconds as if she did not recognize me, then started darting towards me when she finally realized it was me! I picked her up and she proceeded to create some kind of a cute giggle and some few incoherent words. Joy at last!


But as with any other two year old girl, her mother wasn’t far behind and out of the same door she came. She was livid. I don’t know who she was furious with more; me for playing around with her daughter or her daughter for wandering out of the house. My attempts to calm the situation bore no fruit as she grabbed her out of my hands, screaming at who knows what, slammed the door behind her and drew the door curtain to a now kicking and wailing baby. She ruined us!

For my journey we pick up that two year old girls like me. Their mothers, not so much!



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